The Downside Of 2017

2017 is finally upon us. As far as I’m concerned, I’m extremely happy about it. I finally get to put aside the horrible mess that was 2016. Most of us are probably already trying their hardest to forget it even existed. But no matter how dreadful last year was, I’ve still decided to keep my head high, and dive head first into the new year.

Although I am happy about a new year of fresh opportunities, and a chance to change, I’m also kind of terrified about what’s to come in 2017. There’s a countless number of events coming up this year which have me scared to death. For instance, school. I’m currently about to (in three weeks) enter into 9th grade, which means my 3rd year of High School. 9th grade seems very intimidating, I’m going to have new teachers, new responsibilities and new classes. One of the main things I’m afraid of is drifting apart from my best friend. I doubt that we will, it’s probably just me being my paranoid self, but it’s a new school year and the future is unforeseeable. What if we’re in no classes together and she finds new friends? What if she stops talking to me? That’s what I don’t know. But we’ve been best friends for three long years now, so I think we’ll pull through it…Or I hope we will.

Anxiety strikes me also, when I realise the mountain-load of work and assignments we’ll be given next year. I was already struggling with maintaining the work last year, so I can’t begin to the imagine the amount of schoolwork we’ll have this year. But I’m going to plan to be more organised in year 9, hopefully at least more than in year 8.

Another downside to 2017 is the expectations that follow me as I’m growing older. This may sound cliche, but as each birthday passes, I’m attached by new prospects that my parents have set out for me. I try my best, but I know I’ll never be able to succeed in them as well as my two other brothers do. I’m just not as smart as them. My oldest brother’s currently studying at one of the top universities in the country, whilst my twin brother continues to do extremely well in academics. It’s something that I’ve carried with me during my 14 years of life, but I know they only want the best for me, even though sometimes it can get a little hard.

The last thing I’m nervous for this year is myself. I wonder what will happen to me as I venture out into 2017. What will change about me? What will I discover? Only time will tell as I continue on my path of life and learn more about myself and this world.

As always,

That Guy Daily.


6 thoughts on “The Downside Of 2017

  1. Hey!

    I recently finished high school. I remember thinking I’d never pass 5th grade…then I did. Then I practically had a mental breakdown before 10th grade. Yet, here I am, about to start uni. As you said, “you’re diving into the new year” that means diving into the scary depths of the unknown- after some time, your classes and teachers will become familiar, and i’m sure you’ll thrive! (Side note: Here’s a cliche, but high school FLIES by- one day you’re sitting in class watching every second tick by, and the next, you’re leaving high school. Enjoy the journey)
    Although the work load may increase, remember to sometimes work smart, and not hard (it worked for me!)

    It sounds like you have a very exciting year ahead, filled with self-discovery, new challenges and change! I look forwards to keeping up with your blog to hear all about it!

    All the best


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  2. I know what you mean. I feel so much pressure from everyone around me to not only try hard at everything but also to be carefree. These are meant to be the best years of your life! You don’t have any actual worries! Just enjoy being a teenager! and all that stuff. Sometimes the act of trying to be less stressed makes me more stressed. I find that focusing on enjoying small moments and being around your friends helps me to be more calm about everything. Remember to look after yourself as well.

    Peggy x


      1. Yes I am a fan of Hamilton! Peggy is a nickname that was given to me by one of my friends so I fused that with Hamilton and made it even better. Have you seen the musical? I live in the UK and it hasn’t come here yet 😦

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